Welcome to my little bit of the internet

If you dont know who i am my name is Boda and im a ex stick(Moderator) for one of the best VR games out there ... gorillatag.
Here you will find a few interesting things (I hope) and please return as i plan to add other things to the site 

I hope you have enjoyed your visit and come back soon.


Yup ive resigned from gtag
this was entirely my own choice no one elses 
i wasnt pushed or demoted i resigned

there was no backstage arguing but im sure the leakers would like it if there was 
well cope leakers cos there wasnt

im retired and actually loving it i have my body clock almost back to normal and not feeling like i have to be constantly on the discord is a blessing let me tell you 

i wish all the devs and staff good luck taking the game forward no one knows how hard you all work unless you have witnessed it first hand 

im still going to be about im not leaving the game or discord and i would like to take this moment to say thank you to all the well wishers and senders of messages of support - the amount of love that has come my way has been astounding 


everyone have a good day